The Journal of Media Innovations Vol.2 Issue 2 is now online

The Journal of Media Innovations is an open access journal that explores changes in media technologies, media policies, organizational structures, media management, media production, journalism, media services, and usages.

Table of Contents

Media innovations: success and paradox. (Editorial Introduction) - Charles Melvin Ess

An Audience Perspective on the 2nd Screen Phenomenon - Jonas De Meulenaere, Lizzy Bleumers, Wendy Van den Brock

From rhetorics to practice: implementation of technological innovation within Spanish public service media - David Fernández-Quijada, Montse Bonet, Roberto Suárez Candel, Luis Arboledas

Frugal Innovation in a Strange Place: Newspaper Differentiation on Åland - Carl-Gustav Lindén

Designing the Amplifon. A locative sound medium to supplement DAB radio - Lars Nyre

Book Reviews

Mobility and Locative Media - Lars Nyre

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