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Research areas

The Department of Media and Communication supports three research areas as long-term collaborations. Several projects are affiliated with each research area, and participants come from both the Department and from external research institutions. All areas have ambitions to develop large-scale research projects.

Centre for Research on Media Innovations

Centre for Research on Media Innovations explores how changing technologies, and changing modes of usage and engagement with media bring about media innovation and transformation of the media sector.

Media Aesthetics and Imag(in)ing Technologies

Media Aesthetics is a research area that emphasizes the medium's importance for the mediated expression. The group's initiative «Imag(in)ing Technologies. Media Aesthetics, Instrumental Imagining and the Arts» is supported by the Department as a long term research collaboration.

Political Communication

We conduct research on political journalism, political campaigns and elections, strategic communication on political issues, and political rhetoric in traditional and Internetbased media.