POLKOM-mandag: Media as an emerging value in public bureaucracies

POLKOM-mandag med Rune Karlsen. forsker 1 ved institutt for samfunnsforskning presentere fra paperet:

Media as an emerging value in public bureaucracies 

(skrevet med Kristoffer Kolltveit, Thomas Schillemans og Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud)


In this paper, we investigate how media and communication practices influence the values and norms of civil servants by pursuing the following questions: How important are media considerations for civil servants, and do these considerations constitute a distinct bureaucratic media value? Second, to what extent are such values related to individual level factors like media related work and general attitudes towards the media, and organizational level factors like media attention?  

           To investigate these questions we utilize a large-N survey sent to civil servants working ministries and agencies in Norway and the Netherlands in 2015/2016. The survey contains a wide variety of questions concerning civil servants’ fundamental values and norms as well as media practices and general media attitudes. 

           We find that media considerations are important for a substantial part of the civil service, and constitute a distinct bureaucratic media value. However, media values have not replaced traditional bureaucratic values like professionalism, legality and loyalty. Rather, all these norms and values co-exist and are closely related. As expected, media work and media views influence bureaucratic media values. However, the hypothesized relationships are clearer in agencies than ministries. In ministries, bureaucratic media values seem to be more evenly distributed across hierarchies, suggesting a stronger mediatization or politicization throughout the organization.

Denne presentasjonen er en del av seminarrekken "POLKOM-mandager". 

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Publisert 16. des. 2016 10:50 - Sist endret 15. feb. 2017 14:15