Master's thesis presentation: Facebook Usage among Restaurants in Oslo A comparative Study of Global Chains of Restaurants and Local Popular Restaurants in Oslo

Krati Modi will present her Master's thesis in Nordic Media with the title of: Facebook Usage among Restaurants in Oslo: A comparative Study of Global Chains of Restaurants and Local Popular Restaurants in Oslo.

Social media, today, has become a great platform for the marketers to showcase their company’s products or services. With more than 1 billion daily users, Facebook has become the first choice for businesses, both big and small, to utilize its user base for their marketing purposes. Facebook has opened its platform for businesses to create their ‘Pages’and converse with their customers one-to-one in an informal and friendly environment. The pages are the face of the company on Facebook. It is the representation of the company among the billion plus Facebook users. The marketers also agree to the importance of having a facebook presence.
The food service industry, which communicates face-to-face with its customers on a daily basis, has not been able to stay untouched by the world of online social networks. It has made itself available to its customers through these facebook pages, to interact with the existing cutomers and attract new ones. Facebook is a democratizing platform which provides same opportunities to both the global restaurant chains like TGI Fridays and locally popular restaurants. Oslo is the city where this study was undertaken and therefore, it was chosen as the place for choosing the variables from.
When same features and tools are provided to both the types of restaurants, what was intriguing is to know, how do both these types of restaurants use it? How do they design their pages or what do they post on their post to attract and build a ‘fan’ base on the page? This is what the following study intends to investigate. A combination of three qualitative methods, namely, content analysis, interviews and case study methods were planned to be employed for this study. The case study method was shelved as the restaurant chosen as its subject denied to participate.
There is a great difference in the use of facebook by both the categories of restaurants. Though the literature, facts and figures for the best practices are available to all the retsaurants, the actual use and its effects are found to be different on the global restaurant chains and the popular local restaurants.

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