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Picture of Olivier Lartillot Lartillot, Olivier Researcher +47-22854747 +47 966 81 210‬
Picture of David Levin Levin, David Professor II
Picture of Áine  Mangaoang Mangaoang, Áine Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 2285 4758 Nordic, Music and Media, Media, Cultural history, Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Popular Music, Music History
Picture of Anne Eline Riisnæs Riisnæs, Anne Eline Associate Professor +47 22 84 49 11 Classical and Contemporary Music, Period Instruments, Work Physiology
Picture of Even Ruud Ruud, Even +47-22854752 Musicology, Music Education, Popular Music, MusicTherapy, Music Psychology, Music and Cultural Understanding
Picture of Bjørnar Sandvik Sandvik, Bjørnar Research Assistant Music Technology, Popular Music, Music Analysis
Picture of Even Kruse Skatrud Skatrud, Even Kruse Lecturer +47 22 85 46 59 Musicology, Music Theory, Jazz, Pop Music, Composition, Arrangement, Trombone, Jazz Trombone
Picture of Ingrid Bugge Stange Stange, Ingrid Bugge Research advisor +47-22858194 Research administration, Externally funded projects, Cristin (forskningspublikasjoner)
Picture of Tore Størvold Størvold, Tore Doctoral Research Fellow music analysis, music and nature, Icelandic music, popular music, Iceland
Picture of Anders Tangen Tangen, Anders Head Engineer +47-91611879
Picture of Mons Thyness Thyness, Mons Senior Executive Officer +47-22844960 Course Administration, Admissions, Fronter
Picture of Nicklas Poulsen Viki Viki, Nicklas Poulsen Senior Executive Officer +47-22845169 Study administration
Picture of Arvid Vollsnes Vollsnes, Arvid Professor Emeritus
Picture of Åshild Watne Watne, Åshild Senior lecturer +47 22 85 40 62 Absolute Pitch, Music Theory, Aural Training
Picture of Hans Weisethaunet Weisethaunet, Hans Professor +47-22854787 Music and Society, Music Anthropology, Music Sociology, Music Journalism, Music and Media, Music History, Ethnomusicology, Jazz, Popular Music, Musicology
Picture of Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen Zeiner-Henriksen, Hans T. Associate Professor +47 22 85 48 57 +47 480 59 723 Popular Music, Music Production, Rhythm and Groove, Music History, Music and Movement, Music Technology