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Visiting address Department of Musicology ZEB Building 2nd floor Sem Sælands vei 2 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1017 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Tags: Musicology, Music Anthropology, Music Sociology, Popular Music, Music History, Music Journalism, Ethnomusicology, Jazz, Music and Media, Music and Society


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  • Weisethaunet, Hans; Lindberg, Ulf; Gudmundsson, Gestur & Michelsen, Morten (2005). Rock Criticism From the Beginning: Amusers, Bruisers & Cool-Headed Cruisers. Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 0820474908.  367 s.

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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2015). Jazz in the media: Norsk jazz sett fra Norge, Erling Wicklund og Hans Weisethaunet.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2015). “Make a jazz noise here”: An Ethnographic Study of Jazz Recording as Cultural Practice.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2015). «Myter, kriterier og doxa: Musikkritikken som felt». Foredrag, fagseminar ved Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo 25.3.15..
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2015). “Questions of Music and National Identity”: Keynote lecture at “Music and Nationalism Symposium”, Music Archive JAPA/Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2014). “Enter the Recording Studio: Jazz Recording as Artistic Expression and Cultural Practice.” Presentation at International Conference. Jazz Beyond Borders Conference, Conservatory of Amsterdam.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2014). Jan Erik Kongshaug in conversation with Hans Weisethaunet. Plenary session. The 9th Art of Record Production Conference: Record Production in the Internet Age. December 5, 2014. University of Oslo.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2014). “Listen to the Sound of the Silence – and the Noise of ‘Sound Studies’.” Panel presentation, 2nd InternatIonal Conference of the European Sound Studies AssociatIon.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2014). Plenary Speaker: An International Conference in Honour of Simon Frith: ”Rock Criticism, Authenticity, and the Carnival of Words”.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). Hans Weisethaunet in conversation with Arild Andersen: The recording jazz musician. Dialogue 3.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). Hans Weisethaunet in conversation with Jan Erik Kongshaug: 45 years in the recording studio.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). Hans Weisethaunet in conversation with Manfred Eicher: ECM and the art of listening. Seminar. National Library, Norway.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). Musikkritikk - en analyse. Seminaret “Kulturjournalistikk og kunstkritikk”.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). Researching ‘the most beautiful sound next to silence’. Current Jazz Research: an International Symposium, University of Gothenburg.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). The poetics of jazz recording. International Sound Seminar, La Sapienza Università di Roma.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2013). The sociology of Pierre Bourdieu: A dialogue with sociologist Dag Østerberg.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). “Am I Norwegian enough for you? Questions of Music and Identity in Norway." Invited lecture, University of California, Berkeley, USA.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). In conversation with John McLaughlin: From Miles Davis to Shakti and beyond. Seminar with recording artist John McLaughlin.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). Innledningsforedrag: "Musikk – identitet — offentlighet." Seminaret "Musikken i offentligheten/musikkens offentlighet". University of Bergen.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). Invited keynote lecture: "Authenticity Revisited." AUTHENTICITY SEMINAR. University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). Konferanse forskning/musikkbransje. "The Jazz Summit 2012". NTNU, Trondheim.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). “Sounds of the City," Experience Music Project’s 11th annual Pop Conference, NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2012). "The Norwegian Turn: “Roots” and global musical imagination in the 21st century." Presented at NordPop Conference, Helsinki: “Nordic Popular Music: Music, Identity, and Social Change in the Early 21st Century.”.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2011). Introduction. The Business of Rock & Roll. Guest lecture with Steven Van Zandt (Little Steven).
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2011, 22. oktober). Little Steven, gjesteforelesning ved Universitetet i Oslo, introduksjon, NRK, Dagsrevyen, lørdagsgjest. [TV].  NRK, Dagsrevyen.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2011, 22. mai). Transit Nepal, NRK Radio documentary on the Gaine caste of musicians in Nepal, in dialogue with Kjetil Bjørgan. [Radio].  NRK.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2010). "Bourdieus feltbegrep i relasjon til musikkritikken som felt". Foredrag Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap, Universitetet i Bergen.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2010). "Continuity & Change in the Performance of the Gāine of Nepal", Oxford, UK. Ethnomusicology Series, Invited Lecture.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2010). Kulturell verdsetting (KULVER) programseminar. Norges Forskningsråd, prosjekt CSS.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2010). Liverpool Seminar: Contemporary Soundspaces: "Sound, Agency & The Politics of Value", Introduction & project presentation.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2010). The Poetics & Politics of the Nordic Tone.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2009). Arrangør internasjonal konferanse. Acoustemology and Musical Agency. Foredrag: "Reflections on the Politics of the (Nordic) Tone...".
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2009). "Jazz in Norway – as part of global jazz history".
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2009). "Kriterier og kritikk: Jazz og rockkritikken som felt".
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2008). Fagseminar, "Om musikk og nasjonal identitet", Høgskolen i Nesna, 8.10.08.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2008). Invited lecture. “Ethnography, Music, Language.” University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, 3.12.08.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2008). Key lecture, seminar “Jazz & The Global”, Norsk musikkinformasjon (MIC), Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo, 8. april 2008.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2008). Kritisk kulturforskning - dannelse og praksis. Norges Forskningsråds Konferanse. Foredrag: Contemporary Soundspaces – prosjektpresentasjon.
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2008). Paper, Nordisk musikkforskerkongress, 2008. Authenticity Revisited: On Sounding “Authentic”.
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2005). Invitert foredrag. “Filosofi og samfunnsvitenskap. Musikalsk karneval - teori og empiri.” Senter for vitskapsteori, Universitetet i Bergen, 4. april 2005.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2005). “MAKING MUSIC, MAKING MEANING”. 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM), 25. -30. juli 2005, Rome, Italy. With paper: “The Aesthetics of Musical Carnival: The Chronotope of Carnival Time”.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2005). MUSIKKTILTAK OG KONKURRANSER MED HØYT KUNSTNERISK AMBISJONSNIVÅ FOR BARN OG UNGDOM. Evalueringer av: Norges Ungdomskor, Norsk Ungdomssymfoniorkester, Valdres Sommersymfoni og Ungdommens Musikkmesterskap Delrapport i evalueringen av statsbudsjettets Kap. 320, post 74 (publisert på web) .
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2005). “The Local, the Regional, and the Global in the Emergence of Popular Music Cultures”, The University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 24. -26. oktober 2005. With paper: “Historiography and Complexities”.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2005). The XII International Bakhtin Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland, July 18-22, 2005. Presentation/panel.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2004). By:larm seminar 2004. “Out of the alley and into the avenue.” Paneldebatt, Popular Music studies. m/David Hesmondhalgh (Open University), Hans Weisethaunet (Griegakademiet, UiB) og Jostein Gripsrud (Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap, UiB). 12.-14. februar 2004.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2004). Invitert forskerseminar, “Kultur, offentlighet og demokrati.” Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap, UiB, 9. - 10.9. 2004.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2004). Invitert forskerseminar. Norsk kulturråd. Evaluering av kvalitet i kunst- og kulturvirksomheter. Voksenåsen konferansesenter, Oslo, 22. og 23. januar 2004.
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2003). Invitert gjesteforelesning: “M.M. Bakhtin: Musik og kommunikation”, ved Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, Københavns Universitet, 25.11.03.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2002). Foredrag: Fieldwork and Music Theory.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2002). Forelesning: “Hva er kultur? Hva er ungdomskultur?” Hordaland fylkeskommune.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2002). Invited lecture: “Ethnomusicology and Representation”, Columbia University, New York, Ethnomusicology.
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2001). African American Music Research. Music of New Orleans.
  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2001). “Anthropology of Music and Sound”.
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2001). Invited lecture: "Perspectives on the History of Popular Music in Norway".
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  • Weisethaunet, Hans (2000). “Improvisation: Modality and Myth”.

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