Research Forum: Prof. Chris Stover (Arizona State University) and "meet-the-postdocs"

Prof. Chris Stover from the Arizona State University will give a guest lecture entitled "Eight Axioms for a Theory of Timeline Music."

Guest lecture with Prof. Chris Stover

Professor Chris Stover presents his talk:

In this talk I will introduce a theory of how a number of musical layers come together to define a class of musical expression that I call timeline music. I will begin by introducing eight axioms, each of which outlines a property that I suggest is shared by all musics that fit within the category of timeline musics. I will illustrate each with musical examples from West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil, showing how each axiom contributes crucially to my larger definition. I will conclude with some thoughts on how this framework affects and engenders groove, including issues of expression, feel, and microtiming.

Meet the postdocs

Our new postdocs will give a short presentation of their projects followed by a few minutes of questions and comments.


Ximena Alarcon Diaz

INTIMAL (Interfaces for Relational Listening): Body, Memory, Migration, Telematics


                                                                                                                                                                 Mari Romarheim Haugen

                             Will present her project linked to the research project TIME: "Meter as shape in Scandinavian Folk Music".








Victor Evaristo Gonzales Sanchez

My talk will be about the MICRO project and some of our initial experiments, results and plans in our quest to understand the physiological, physical, and cognitive links between music and human micro-motion.


                                                                                                                                                                          Georgios Sioros

                                                                                                                             Moving in Sound, and Musical Micro-Rhythm










We will also have presentations by the incoming Post doc Autumn 2018: Simon Høffding (University of Copenhagen/UiO) "Where Musicology, Phenomenology, Psychiatry and Embodied Cognitive Science meet: What the .... is Musical Absorption?









Visiting Post Doc: Alba Montes Sánchez (University of Copenhagen) "What can we learn from fiction? A phenomenological approach to an old question

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