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Clouds & Concerts: Trends in Music Culture

We do research on audiences experience of live music and the use of new digital music services. Two notable trends are the growth in the festival market and use of streaming services like Spotify and WiMP.

About the project

We seek to answer several questions in this ongoing project, such as:

  • How do users find, listen to and share music when they have access to a large world library of music anytime and anywhere?

  • How are mobile phones used in music listening?

  • How is music disseminated through personal networks and social media?

  • What is the role of live music in contemporary music culture?

  • What is the value of live music for listeners today?

Read more about research questions and research partners.

The research project is allocated into two main areas: 

Clouds: Streaming and music online

In this subproject we are investigating the role of streaming services like WiMP and Spotify, and how audiences find and share music through social media.

  • Listeners in Norway are world leading users of music streaming services: 7 of 10 adults use Spotify or WiMP
  • Smart phones is today the main platform for music streaming in Norway, overtaking PCs and Macs in 2012
  • Playlists listening is an important mode of use, presenting users with new ways of listening to and exploring music

Concerts: Festivals and live music

In this subproject we are concerned with the role of live music and experiences of liveness in contemporary music culture.

  • Music festival attendance in Norway has grown tremendously the last decade
  • Audiences are seeking strong and rare experiences through live music
  • Mobile phones are increasingly used to take pictures of live music and share content through social media
  • Mobile phone use and social media represent the most notable changes in audience behavior the last decade
  • The Øya music festival and other large media events give rise to a large growth in streaming of artists related to the event​​


Some twenty researchers and students from the University of Oslo are involved in the project, working together with Telenor and WiMP. See a full list of participants here.

Arnt Maasø og Anne Danielsen

Instagram: #cloudsconcerts #skyogscene

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