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Timing and Sound in Musical Microrhythm (TIME)

When does a beat actually happen in time? What part of the beat’s sound constitutes its temporal position, and how does this perception or judgment depend upon a listener’s music-cultural background?

About the project

The project Timing and Sound in Musical Microrhythm (TIME) will conduct comparative investigations of four different rhythmic genres – jazz, electronic dance music, R&B/hip-hop and Scandinavian fiddle music – in order to gain new insights into the relationship between temporal and sound-related aspects of musical perception and performance. You can download the complete project description here.


The aim of the project is to understand the micro level of auditory perception and the role of cultural background and/or training in music in this regard.


TIME is a TOPPFORSK project funded by the Research Council of Norway and the University of Oslo.


October 2016 - March 2022



  • Anne Danielsen; Kristian Nymoen; Mari Romarheim Haugen & Guilherme Schmidt Câmara (2017). Project presentation: Timing and Sound in Musical Microrhythm (TIME).

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