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Ibsen and Power

The XIVth International Ibsen Conference is cancelled

Announcement by the International Ibsen Committee

The International Ibsen Committee has decided to halt plans for the Oxford Conference. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to members of the Ibsen community for rescheduling the International Conference.

The objective of the International Ibsen Conference has always been to build and nurture our international network of scholars. The International Ibsen Committee will continue to support the large-scale international conference and medium-scale regional conferences.  We are proposing that we hold the next International Ibsen Conference in Oslo in 2018 to coincide with the biannual Ibsen Festival hosted by the National Theatre.

In the intervening years, we suggest that we plan a series of small-scale events that build and nurture our regional scholarly communities and encourage an increase in collaborative research for presentation at the international gatherings in Norway. Over the past three years, the Ibsen Centre has taken major strides in the creation of the digital research infrastructure necessary to support our international network of Ibsen scholars.  We have launched IbsenStage, the performance database that currently holds records of 12,942 productions, 50,387 contributors, from 95 countries. Building on this initiative, the Centre will use the University of Oslo technical resources to develop a digital communication hub to serve our growing transnational network.

The International Ibsen Committee is committed to the promotion of Ibsen studies worldwide and we are reviewing the infrastructure for organizing and supporting international conferences. Since the first International Ibsen Conference was held in Cambridge fifty years ago, we have expanded Ibsen studies to an important landmark of being truly global in terms of the scope of scholarly work, publications produced, variety of Ibsen plays staged, and actors/actresses and students trained. It is time to consolidate our achievements and consider forming an International Ibsen Association with its headquarters and secretariat based in Oslo. With the resources already built up in Oslo, the Centre will be in a better position to provide technical support to regional research and conference activities. When we meet again in Oslo in 2018, we will have an agenda item to create a platform for our global initiatives.

Call for papers: SASS 2016

The 2016 SASS conference will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana April 28–30. The Conference theme is "Circulations". Please find information about the Conference at the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study's homepage.

Especially relevant for the Ibsen community is SASS Stream 7: Ibsen's Successful Circulation, curated by Mark Sandberg.

The CALL FOR PAPERS will close on November 15, 2015, so please act quickly!

Ibsen Studies

Ibsen Studies is the only international journal devoted to Henrik Ibsen and is a forum for debate and critique for all Ibsen researchers.