Guest researcher: Christina Davril

MA student Christina Davril is doing her internship at MultiLing in February and March 2017.

Photo: Private

Christina Davril is an MA Candidate in Linguistics at the University of Freiburg, Germany. As part of her curriculum in European Linguistics, Davril had to choose a research project abroad to gain practical experience. At the University of Freiburg, Davril is working for Professor Peter Auer, member of MultiLing’s Scientific Advisory Board and also scientific member of the Hermann Paul Centre for Linguistics. The Hermann Paul Centre is a member of LingNet Europe, a network of eleven Research centers for Linguistics and affiliated graduate schools and PhD programs across Europe, which MultiLing is also a part of. Professor Auer encouraged Davril to do her internship at MultiLing because of LingNet and his own affiliation with MultiLing.

Davril’s main academic interest is a psycholinguistic approach to multilingualism, and she was drawn back to Norway after a year as an exchange student in Tromsø. Davril holds a BA degree in Scandinavian Studies. During her internship at MultiLing, Davril is working on Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Valantis Fyndanis’ research project: Language and cognitive abilities in bilingual and multilingual healthy aging: Evidence from Norway.

Davril plans to write her MA thesis about a topic related to Valantis' project, but she is still in the planning phase. She tells us that she enjoys being here, and she speaks warmly about the working atmosphere at the MultiLing department.


By Kristin Myklestu
Published Mar. 15, 2017 9:25 AM - Last modified June 23, 2017 2:27 PM