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MultiLing Aphasia kick-off

This week, MultiLing marked the start of our project Studies of Multilingual Aphasia with a kick-off seminar with guests from home and abroad.

People at the kick-off. Photo: UiO

Photo: UiO

Studies of Multilingual Aphasia is one of three new projects made possible by The University of Oslo's funding for five world-leading research communities. As a part of the center's new status as a world-leading research community, MultiLing has recruited Professor Mira Goral (CUNY, USA) as Adjunct Professor to lead the research work on multilingual aphasia. 

On Tuesday, MultiLing hosted a kick-off for the project, where Mira Goral was one of the speakers. Additionally, MultiLing's two new postdoctoral fellows for the project, Ekaterina Kuzmina and Leena Maria Heikkola, also presented their research projects. Kuzmina does research on cognitive control and patterns of multilingual aphasia, and Heikkola uses the Bilingual Aphasia Test and narrative analysis to study if all the languages of multilingual speakers are impaired in the same way, and whether therapy in one language can affect another language. 

The kick-off had participants from the two MultiLing projects MultiLing Aphasia and MultiLing Dementia, and from The Research Group in Clinical Linguistics and Language Acquisition. There were also participants from the aphasia team at Statped, speech-language pathologists from several hospitals in Oslo, and employees at the Department of Special needs Education at the University of Oslo. Together they discussed possibilities and challenges for the new MultiLing Aphasia project. 

By Malene Bøyum
Published June 2, 2017 10:46 AM - Last modified June 2, 2017 10:46 AM