MultiLing Spring School 2017

Last week, MultiLing held its very first Spring School. PhD students from all over the world were gathered in Oslo for four days to learn more about how they can go from formulating questions and hypotheses to have their hypotheses tested. 

Participants and lecturers at the MultiLing Spring School 2017 (Photo: Nadia Frantsen)

Participants and lecturers at the MultiLing Spring School 2017 (Photo: Nadia Frantsen/UiO)  

The four lecturers at the course come from different backgrounds, but all of them have done a lot of experiment based research. In this way, they were able to present many different roads from hypotheses to experiments - among the topics of the course were heritage languages, the bilingual advantage, how to use eye tracking in experiments, how to do linguistic fieldwork on little-known languages, and the use of corpora in linguistic research. The lecturers for this year’s spring school were Maria Polinsky (The University of Maryland, external link), Bjørn Lundquist (UiT- The Arctic University of Norway, external link), Ronny Meyer (Addis Ababa University, external link), and Janne Bondi Johannessen (University of Oslo/MultiLing).

Throughout the spring school, there were also also several data sessions where the participants presented their own research, and were able to get feedback from both the lecturers, and from the other PhD students at the course.

More photos from the spring school  (all photos by Nadia Frantsen):

Spring School
By Malene Bøyum
Published Mar. 29, 2017 10:34 AM - Last modified May 2, 2017 9:38 AM