Kamilla Kraft

Academic Interests

  • Language, labour and social justice
  • Multilingualism, communication and interaction in transnational workplace settings
  • Multilingualism, labour migration and political economy

Academic Fields

  • Critical Sociolinguistics
  • Ethnography
  • Interactional Sociolinguistics
  • Ethnomethodology/Conversation Analysis

Higher education

2006-2009: Bachelor of Arts, English & Social Sciences, Roskilde University, Denmark

2009-2012: Master of Arts, English & Social Sciences, Roskilde University, Denmark

Employment history

2015-: Publication Officer for The New Speakers Network, group 10

2014-2016: Board member of the Norwegian National Graduate School, Lingphil 

2013-2016: PhD Candidate at MultiLing, Oslo University, Norway

2012-2013: Academic secretary/research assistant (part time), CALPIU

2012-2013: Project coordinator/research assistant (part time),

Language and Interaction in the Globalized Corporation (LINGCORP)

2012-2013: Research assistant (freelance), Language Profiles,

Department of Culture and Identity, Roskilde University

2010-2012: Student worker, Center for Cultural and Linguistic Practices in the International University (CALPIU)

2011: Transcriber (freelance), King's College, London

2012: Transcriber (freelance), Oticon & University of Southern Denmark


Cooperation & Associations

LINGCORP / Roskilde University & Copenhagen Business School, DK

Member of the AILA ReN Network: Migrants in Working Life: Language, identities, and positions 

Member of the COST Action: New Speakers Network

Tags: Sociolinguistics, Globalization, Critical Discourse Analysis, Sociology of Language, Interaction, Workplace Studies, Immigrants, Multilingualism, Critical Theory, Ethnography, Conversation Analysis



  • Lønsmann, Dorte & Kraft, Kamilla (2018). Language in Blue-Collar Workplaces, In Bernadette Vine (ed.),  The Routledge Handbook of Language in the Workplace.  Routledge.  ISBN 9781138915855.  Kapitel 12.  s 138 - 149
  • Daryai-Hansen, Petra & Kraft, Kamilla (2014). Sproglige ressourcer, praksisser og profiler: RUC som internationalt universitet. RASK: Internationalt tidsskrift for sprog og kommunikation.  ISSN 0909-8976.  41, s 79- 101 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary

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  • Kraft, Kamilla (2017). Constructing Migrant Workers.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2017). Constructing migrant workers: Multilingualism and communication in the transnational construction site.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2017). Language and Communication Norms in Secondary Sector Workplaces.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2017). Language and communication in the construction site: a matter of social class?.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2017). Presentasjon av funn fra ph.d.-avhandling.
  • Kraft, Kamilla & Jakobsen, Siw Ellen (2017, 29. mai). Vanskelig å lære norsk på norske byggeplasser. [Internett].  forskning.no.
  • Reinertsen, Maria Berg & Kraft, Kamilla (2017, 26. mai). Hva sier snekkeren? Med polsk skal landet bygges..  Morgenbladet.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2016). Constructing (new) speakers in Norwegian building sites.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2016). "De produserer jo bedre enn mange nordmenn. Det er bare kommunikasjonen som må styrkes." Sammenhengen mellem sproglig og professionel status for udenlandske arbejdstagere på norske byggepladser.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2016). Governmentality and interpellation.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2016). Self-skilling in everyday interactions: Linguistic skills as professional opportunity and social stratification.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2016). The Language Broker: Between Privilege and Precarity.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2016). ”They surely produce better than most Norwegians – it is just the communication that has to be strengthened”: the impact of speaker status on professional mobility in manual labour.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2015). Constructing risk and responsibility: The instrumentalisation of language and communication in a building site.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2015). Language work, manual work, migrant work: The roles of language and communication in the secondary sector.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2015). Manual work as language work.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2015). Research on the run: Methodological challenges when recording and observing in construction sites.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2015). When language regulation is the safest option: linking risk and multilingualism.
  • Kraft, Kamilla & Lønsmann, Dorte (2015). Linguistic diversity in blue-collar workplaces: Practices beyond the use of a lingua franca.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2014). Accommodation practices of new speakers in a Norwegian workplace.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2014). Construction and interaction – creating interactional competence with limited linguistic resources.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2014). Sprog og kommunikation blandt ufaglærte og faglærte medarbejdere på transnationale arbejdspladser i Norge.
  • Kraft, Kamilla & Lønsmann, Dorte (2014). English means Business! And Sometimes other Languages do, too.
  • Kraft, Kamilla & Lønsmann, Dorte (2014). Naturalness, power and respect - an analysis of managers' language ideologies in a Danish context.
  • Kraft, Kamilla & Lønsmann, Dorte (2014). Strategic and not-so-strategic languages in international business - an analysis of managers' language ideologies in a Danish context.
  • Kraft, Kamilla (2013). Højtuddannede indvandrere på arbejdspladsen - viden, sprog og kultur.

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