Rafael Lomeu

Doctoral Research Fellow

Rafael's research interests involve family language practices, discourse analysis, southern theories and ethnography. He holds a BA in Social Sciences (Pontifícia Unviersidade Católica de São Paulo – 2010) and an MA in Linguistics (Queen Mary, University of London – 2015), and his interdisciplinary background is reflected in his current research project where he investigates how situated language practices of Brazilian families in Norway intertwine with macro-level social, economic and political processes.



Tags: Identity, Ideology, Migration, Multilingualism, Transnationalism


Lomeu, Rafael. I Festival Internacional do Dia do Refugiado: Um relato etnográfico, Ponto Urbe [Online], URL: http://pontourbe.revues.org/3181 ; DOI: 10.4000/pontourbe.3181 

  • Lomeu Gomes, Rafael (2017). Language attitudes of Brazilians in Brazil and in the UK: comparing quantitative and qualitative approaches. Show summary

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