Judith Purkarthofer

Postdoctoral Fellow
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Room HW 412
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Henrik Wergelands hus 0313 Oslo

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Academic interests

Multilingualism and sociolinguistics, ethnographic research, creative and participatory research methods, language biographies, language ideologies, regimes of language, social space and spatial language practices


After studying linguistics with a focus on sociolinguistics and multilingualism research, I received my MA (with honors) from Vienna University with a thesis on attitudes towards standard and non-standard varieties in community radio in Paris and Vienna. I worked as a university assistant and lecturer at the University of Vienna and in various research projects on multilingualism: in teacher training, in community media and on heteroglossia in schools and kindergardens. My focus is on heteroglossic contexts and plurilingual speakers - in the light of language biographies, language ideologies and regimes of language. In my PhD project (defended with honors in 2014) I studied the heteroglossic construction of social space in a German-Slovene dual medium primary school.


Tags: Multilingualism, Multilingual language practices, Family Language Policy, Ethnography, Social Space


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  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Sprachort Schule. Zur Konstruktion von mehrsprachigen sozialen Räumen und Praktiken in einer zweisprachigen Volksschule. Drava.  ISBN 978-3-85435-796-4.  280 s.

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  • De Korne, Haley & Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). Language use for social change? Drawings as a means to understand languages in social space.
  • Obojska, Maria Antonina & Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). ‘Language is a sort of door which you go through’ – language and agency in transnational families in Norway.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). Dies ist ein Sprachort! Mehrsprachigkeit in Kindergarten und Schule.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). Intended multilingualism? Reading Linguistic Landscapes as representations of space.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). It's all in the family! Why researching languages in the family is complicated and how it can be the most entertaining thing.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). Playing at Aunt Inge's. How multilingual families produce extended family spaces to form speech communities..
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). Sprache verbindet. Können viele Sprachen uns also noch mehr verbinden? Sprachenvielfalt und Mehrsprachigkeit in elementarpädagogischen Einrichtungen.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith & Steien, Guri Bordal (2017). “Nous allons prétendre comme si on connaît pas une autre langue que le swahili” How multilingual parents in Norway evoke change and continuity when talking about their family language policy.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). »Begriffe von Mehrsprachigkeit – Sprachliche Bildung der PädagogInnen vom Kindergarten bis zur Erwachsenenbildung. Eine empirische Untersuchung ausgewählter Curricula.«.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Language and Power. Language as a social practice in everyday use.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Learning about multilingual education from bilingual schools. Slovene and German as bridges in the eyes of pupils, parents and teachers.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). MultiFam: Family Language Policy in multilingual transcultural families.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Niemand ist einsprachig. Mehrsprachigkeit des Überlebens und das sprachliche Repertoire als Ressource.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Parental expectations and strategies to construct 'safe spaces' of language transmission and their challenging / support through institutions like kindergartens and schools.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Seeing space in languaging. Spatial practices in language organization of multilingual schools.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). Sprachort Schule. Situiertes mehrsprachiges Spracherleben oder wie visuelle Methoden sprachliches und räumliches Erleben zugänglich machen können. (Visuelle Methoden zum Spracherleben).
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2016). »Sprachorte als Lernumgebungen: das Konzept der Sprachregime in mehrsprachigen Schulkontexten (am Beispiel 'zweisprachige' Schule).«.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2015). Multilingual community media? Community media for multilingual speakers? – Reflections on the construction of multilingualism in Austrian Community Radio.
  • Purkarthofer, Judith (2015, 07. desember). Ö1 Radiokolleg - Deutsch als Pflicht? . [Radio].  ORF Oe1.

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