Personer med emneord «Mobility»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Gjessing, Therese Senior Adviser +47-228 56118 Mobility, Exchange, Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation
Bilde av Kellie Goncalves Goncalves, Kellie +47 22856094 Sociolinguistics, Globalization, Mobility, Human geography, Discourse analysis, Multilingualism, Intercultural communication, ELF, Multilingual and ‘blue-collar’ workplaces, Domestic labor, Adventure tourism, Semiotic landscapes, Language policy, Identity
Bilde av Anne Charlotte Lindblom Lindblom, Anne Charlotte Adviser +47 22844298 +47 476 55 358 master, Mobility, Communication
Bilde av Helena Neumann Neumann, Helena International coordinator, Student advisor +4722841956 Internationalization, Erasmus+, International Cooperation, European Cooperation, Mobility, Study Programmes, Study Guidance, Master Admission, Administration
Bilde av Kaja Schiøtz Schiøtz, Kaja Senior Adviser +47-228 58311 Recognition, Exchange, International cooperation, Mobility
Bilde av Bjarne Skov Skov, Bjarne Senior Adviser of Internationalisation +47-22 85 85 81 +47-901 82 976 Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation, International coordinator, Exchange, Mobility, Trade Union, Parat
Bilde av Pia Søndergaard Søndergaard, Pia Rådgiver +47 22855614 Internasjonalisering, Mobility, Forskerutdanning, PhD, Cristin (forskningspublikasjoner)
Bilde av Tor Ivar Østmoe Østmoe, Tor Ivar Higher Executive Officer +47 22855524 International cooperation, Exhange, International Coordinator, Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Philosophy