Persons tagged with «Analysis»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Caesar, Ellen Johanne Director of Department +47 22856064 +47 92423393 (mob) Management, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Christophersen, Heidi Anne Camilla senior adviser +4722855791 Common Student System (FS), Student and Academic Administration, Quality assurance system, Regulations, Evaluation, Statistics, Admissions, Analysis, Learning Environment, Quality of education
Fotland, Margaret Louise Senior Adviser +47 22856037 Open Science, Documentation, Analysis, Cristin, Open Access, Research outputs, Research data, Bibliometrics, SciVal
Hannesson, Sveinbjörn Senior Adviser +47 22855961 Analysis, Reporting
Hverven, Kjartan Adviser +47 22844431 Analysis, Regulations, Statistics, Annual plan, Annual report
Lima-Strandh, Pher-Micael Secretary Library, Analysis, EndNote
Paulsen, Johannes Falk Director of Department +47 22854057 +47 90687164 (mob) Strategy, Administrative IT systems, Corporate governance, Management, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Rønningen, Magnus Otto Seniorrådgiver +47 22854170 Analysis, Corporate governance, Research policy, Awards, Research administration, Research results, Statistics
Sikkeland, Karen Skadsheim Senior Engineer +47 22858248 National Student Database, Tableau, Statistics, Analysis, Research training, Project management
Årsetøy, Erna Senior Adviser +47 22840108 +4793096046 (mob) Finance, Financial management, Corporate governance, Budget, Reporting, Analysis