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An image of orange seaweed and kelp.
Publisert 30. mars 2022 12:52

Agential Matter is an artistic research project which examines performativity of algae, objects and bodies in instances of observation in scientific research, industrial production and artistic encounter. This talk by artist Sabine Popp is seen as an opportunity to (re)turn to a small shed at a landing station for harvested kelp as one of several places of hybrid coexistence.

Publisert 8. jan. 2021 10:46
Image may contain: Natural environment, Grass, Sand, Grass family, Tree.
Publisert 28. sep. 2020 09:58

How and when does a being become autonomous? What makes an environment? In this talk, Sara R. Yazdani discusses her work on how notions of the environmental have been explored in contemporary and late 20th century art: art in which new alliances and new types of environmental and affective formation have been mobilized against an anthropocentric world-view.

maize, corn, close-up
Publisert 29. apr. 2020 18:21

How might diverse ways of knowing, including indigenous knowledges, the humanities and the arts, be more influential in the environmental decision-making that shapes our world? Ecologist, philosopher and political scientist Fern Wickson talks on the value and challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to research.

barn, demolition, farm, building, garden, grass, trees, flowers
Publisert 24. apr. 2020 11:32

What insights can artistic approaches provide on agricultural issues? Artists Geir Tore Holm and Søssa Jørgensen talks on connecting farming, life and growth to contemporary art, with Øvre Ringstad Farm in eastern Norway as an example. 

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Publisert 9. juli 2019 15:50

International workshop will discuss how personal adornment can be used to better understand various aspects of identity, in different regions.

A wall with star shaped carvings in gold and blue.
Publisert 12. jan. 2018 10:46

Seminar presentation by Dr Melissa Forstrom from the Purchase College - State University of New York. Coffee and tea will be served. This event is open for all.

Publisert 21. aug. 2012 15:05

We are happy to welcome Yago de Quay for a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) through the COST IC0601 Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID). He will be working at fourMs from 2 August to 30 September with a project entitled Interactive Music 2.0: User-driven ad hoc dance clubs . Bio and more information below.

Publisert 14. des. 2010 14:57