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Heidi Østbø Haugen
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The proliferation of brokerage across sectors has placed the topic back on the agenda in the social sciences. Yet, approaches to brokerage have remained remarkably static. This project will advance theories of brokerage informed by data on trade and industrial upgrading in the Pearl River Delta.

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The recent protest activies in Hong Kong as well as the umbrella revolution have been unfolding dramatically and drastically, but I will refrain from commeting on them.

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Airborne studies human dimensions of air pollution in China in a historical perspective. How do people’s experiences and fears of air pollution transform into new visions of sustainability and creative forms of action?

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Ibsen in Translation is a unique translation project where translators work together, exchanging experiences in the course of the translation work. The project aims to translate Henrik Ibsen's 12 contemporary dramas into 8 languages, a total number of 96 translations.

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The project addresses issues such as "How is Ibsen relevant in today's China?", "What happens when Ibsen is integrated into a traditional Chinese opera genre?", "What role is Ibsen playing on today's stage in China?"

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TLS is the first synonym dictionary of classical Chinese in any western language.

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The project is an anthropological study of learning and schooling in rural China. It is based on fieldwork in Chinese rural schools in the period from 2008-2012. The project has resulted in the publication of several articles and a monograph is currently under review by a major American university publisher.

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