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Publisert 14. okt. 2016 13:52
Publisert 15. sep. 2016 09:53

Helene Killmer and Ingeborg Ribu will present their PhD projects in clinical linguistics on Thursday September 22nd.

Publisert 20. mars 2013 11:59
Publisert 4. mai 2012 12:59

The Research Group in Clinical Linguistics and Language Acquisition consists of researchers and PhD students at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, and also includes researchers from collaborating institutions.

Publisert 13. apr. 2012 12:06

The project Aphasia and Oral Text Production (2008-2012) had two main objectives:

– to improve our knowledge of the language difficulties associated with aphasia in Norwegian with a particular focus on spoken discourse production

– to establish normative data on spoken discourse production, thus facilitating the use of a standard picture description task in aphasia assessments

Publisert 13. apr. 2012 12:06

The focus of this project is on phonological, lexical and grammatical skills in persons with CdCS.

Publisert 14. des. 2010 15:15