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Cultural heritage sign in a field.
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Many appealing stories have their roots in folklore, but are constantly adapted to current situations, political and environmental concerns and interests.

Old manuscript with calligraphy and drawings.
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The interdisciplinary research group brings together a number of scholars working on early modern literature, broadly defined as the centuries between 1300 and 1700. 

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What do author museums tell us much about the author’s writing, we ask? Why do some authors get to have museum, and others do not?

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Book History is an interdisciplinary field of research. We explore the role of the book as a material object, medium of literature and historically changing cultural artefact from theoretical, empirical and historical perspectives. Literature, in this context, goes beyond the poem, play or novel and comes to be seen as an expression of human culture more generally. Thus, Book History connects literary study with the sociology of text, textual criticism, cultural history and reception history.

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Open Guest Lecture by Dr Haki Antonsson

This presentation will examine the principal trends in the study of the history and literature of the Icelandic Commonwealth (930-1263/64) in the last few decades. In particular the talk will focus on the interrelationship between the study of literary texts and their application as historical sources.  Since the 1970s the study of the Sagas of Icelanders and the Icelandic Commonwealth has been shaped by number of scholarly trends, perhaps most notably by the ‘Anthropological-Legal’ School  and the so-called ‘New Philology’. The presentation will evaluate the pros and cons of the various approaches to the Icelandic literary corpus and suggest some possible future paths of study.

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