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Left to right: Confucius statue (China), Artemis of Ephesus (Turkey), Vishnu (Thailand) and the Black Nazarene (Philippines).
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The network brings together researchers in the study of religion affiliated with universities and professional communities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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Underwater, Diver, Vehicle
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Oslo School of Environmental Humanities welcomes Tirza Meyer as a Visiting Scholar! Meyer joined OSEH in May 2020 and will stay until the end of this year. Her project Humanoid Oceans or an Ocean of Humanoids? examines the rise of autonomous underwater vehicles and explores the ambiguities that they bring with them.

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artwork, colour pencils, wooden, field, sky
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Peder Anker, professor of history, shares thoughts on the PhD course "Environmental and Climate History: The Role of History in Society” that took place at the University of Oslo in December 2019.

Picture of James A. Millward
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  Guest lecture by James A. Millward, Georgetown University.

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Sky, people, rain, bird, globe and many more things. Illustration.
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How to better understand predicaments of environmental uncertainty? Felix Riede, Professor of Climate Change Archaeology and Environmental Humanities and OSEH Professor II, presents the 'palaeoenvironmental humanities' and its prospects to open up new interpretive and comparative terrain for the examination of human-climate relations.

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Graphic illustration of plagues and doctors from early modern history
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The research group Climate, Environment and Energy, KLIMER, warmly welcomes Prof. Dr. Ole Georg Moseng from the University of South-Eastern Norway. He is one of the few specialists in the history of early modern epidemics.

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A gold record with etchings. Photo.
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How can a history of the Anthropocene be written, if not as a history of entanglements? The Lifetimes project sets out to discover these entanglements.

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