Nettsider med emneord «Liturgy»

Publisert 8. mai 2013 22:12

Open Guest Lecture by Professor Richard Gyug

Prayer, devotion, communal worship, the cult of saints, the relation to the divine, and monastic life—ora et labora—all relate to the liturgy and liturgical practice, and are often taken as commonplaces of medieval life. But how do we know what the liturgy meant in the early Middle Ages? The basis for understanding the medieval liturgy is the books of the early medieval liturgy, supplemented by legal references and allusions in other sources, but such sources, whether prescriptive or descriptive, present many interpretative difficulties. In this lecture, the problematic typology of early medieval liturgical books; the production, distribution, and survival of books; and how the liturgy and ideas about the liturgy can inform other fields will be considered. Examples will come particularly from the ordines romani, early pontificals, and the corpus of Beneventan manuscripts.