Persons tagged with «Loan»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aardal, Anja Maria Executive Officer Library, Loan
Ahmadzai, Nangialai Executive Officer Library, Loan
Amundsen, Michael Mørk Executive Officer Library, Loan
Ansari, Sima Higher Executive Officer +47 22857161 Library, Loan
Azouaghe, Reduan Executive Officer Library, Loan
Baklien, Mads Senior Librarian +47 22858633 Library, Loan, Library guidance, EndNote
Bergaust, Gjermund Executive Officer +47 22852193 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Rikshospitalet, Dentistry library
Carlstrøm, Magnus Head Librarian +47 22844212 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Resource sharing, Logistics
Danbolt, Karen Head Librarian +47 22859426 Library, Teaching, Literature search, Loan, Reminder
Eide, Christina Executive Officer Library, Loan
Frøseth-Rønning, Siri Executive Officer Library, Loan
Gjone-Ring, Aurora Executive Officer Library, Loan
Gramstad, Thomas Secretary +47 48176875 (email preferred) Library, Loan
Gyldal, Anna Kay Higher Executive Officer +47 22857926 Library, Loan, Replacement claims
Hamre, Inger Marta +47 22859352 ALMA, Courses, Loan, Reminder, Library guidance, Library, Literature search
Hem, Hilde Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47 22844282 +47 93415280 (mob) Library, Loan
Hoel, Ole Andreas Executive Officer Library, Loan
Høyås, Trine Executive Officer Library, Loan
Ibabao, Marianne Alme Executive Officer +47 92405311 (mob) Library, Loan
Kuldvere, Lembi Viola Head Librarian +47 48288709 (mob) Library, Loan, Teaching, Subject heading indexing
Kvarving, Pål Eiolf Higher Executive Officer +47 22844233 Library, Loan, Web publishing
Lagem, Vibeke Lowzow Head Librarian +47 22850156 Library, Literature search, Loan, Library guidance, Cataloguing
Liadal, Magnus Sætre Executive Officer Library, Loan
Lie, Olaf Librarian +47 22844222 +47 94809221 (mob) Library, Loan
Lothe, My Senior Librarian +47 41225978 (mob) Library, Loan, Interlibrary loan, Dentistry library, Informatics library
Lødding, Fredrik Head Librarian +47 48174847 (mob) Library, Loan
Lørdahl, Anita Pedersen Senior Executive Officer +47 22844069 Library, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication Courses, Loan
Midttvedt, Ann Margareth Senior Librarian +47 22117592 +47 46543102 (mob) Library, Interlibrary loans, Acquisition, Oslo University Hospital, Loan, Ullevål Hospital
Nygren, Ellen Margrethe Wiig Senior Librarian +47 22119817 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Ullevål Hospital
Næss, Turid Olive Senior Librarian +47 22857554 Library, Loan, Literature search
Olsen, Hans Henrik Senior Executive Officer +47 22844246 Library, Loan, Physical collections
Ringstrøm, Liv Executive Officer +47 23074417 Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Rikshospitalet
Sannes, Ann Kristin Higher Executive Officer +47 22857171 Library, Loan
Sekulic, Biljana Executive Officer Library, Loan
Soelberg, Signy Rose Senior Librarian +47 22852192 Library, EndNote, Literature search, Teaching, Loan, Ullevål Hospital, Dentistry library
Solheim, Per Aleksander Senior Librarian +47 48247012 (mob) Library, Alma, EndNote, Loan, Oria, Reference and citation Tools, Rikshospitalet
Sundby, Ove Head Librarian +47 92087939 (mob) Library, Loan, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål Hospital
Sønsteby, Håvard Nesthun Senior Librarian +47 22855318 Library, Circulation, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Resource sharing
Thyvold, Teodor Magnus Cowlishaw Executive Officer Library, Loan
Torp, Signe Augusta Iversen Executive Officer Library, Loan
Vinger, Siri Margrethe Cecilie Head Librarian +47 22859734 Library, Cataloguing, Literature search, Loan, Classification
Zarzar, Mehyar Abdallah Executive Officer Library, Loan