Nettsider med emneord «Museum studies»

University of Oslo / Norwegian museum of science and technology logos
Publisert 4. feb. 2016 15:10

Museums are places where original objects are kept and exhibited. Still, museums relate to many kinds of copies.

Publisert 8. juni 2016 10:35

What do author museums tell us much about the author’s writing, we ask? Why do some authors get to have museum, and others do not?

Publisert 23. aug. 2016 19:32

The research project TRAUM – Transforming Author Museums is arranging a day of open lectures on ”Literary Exhibition Practices in Transformation” at the University of Oslo on Thursday 20 October.

Logoer for Universitetet i Oslo og Norsk Teknisk Museum
Publisert 19. feb. 2016 12:33

Museene er steder der originale gjenstander oppbevares og vises fram. Samtidig forholder museene seg til mange ulike typer kopier.

Publisert 23. okt. 2018 15:11