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Publisert 10. feb. 2020 13:13

The Refined Audition: Music and Speech conference brought together philosophers and scientists to examine the similarities and differences between these two forms of auditory perception.

Sound wave transforming into a piano keyboard
Publisert 3. juli 2019 14:19

A conference on the perception of music and speech as part of the ‘Perceiving Representations’ project. In particular, we are interested in whether there are interesting similarities between the perception of these two auditory phenomena, and in gathering together specialists who are working on each to foster fruitful discussions and novel insights.

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Publisert 16. aug. 2018 12:37

Super linguistics is an emerging sub-field of linguistics that applies formal linguistic methodology to objects of study beyond language, such as gestures, music, dance, and non-verbal pictorial representations.

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Publisert 15. aug. 2018 21:45

The official opening of the new Music, Communication and Technology Master's programme.

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Publisert 19. mars 2018 16:12

The ‘Perceiving Representations’ project will conduct a unified examination of our perception of three different forms of representation: language, pictures and music.

Publisert 5. sep. 2012 08:22

Transformation is an improvisation piece for electric violin and live electronics. It is based on the idea of letting the performer control a large collection of sound fragments while moving around on stage.