Persons tagged with «Popular culture»

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Aukrust, Knut Hermundstad Professor +47-22856991 Rituals, Church history, Popular culture, Cultural history, Folklore, Spanish history, Cultural heritage
Fallan, Kjetil Professor +47-22858613 +47-90937874 (mob) Art History, Design History, Cultural History, Design Studies, Modernism, Industrial Design, Material Culture, Popular Culture, Scandinavian Design
Hagen, Anja Nylund Postdoctoral Fellow +47-91164716 (mob) Media and communication, Music and media, Popular culture, Social media, Mobile media, media technology, Media Use and Users, Media innovation, Media use among children and adolescents, Cultural history
Stephens, Randall J. Associate Professor +47-22856720 History of Religions, American Studies, American Social history, Politics, Environmentalism, Popular Music, Popular culture
Svarverud, Rune Professor +47-22856982 China, Chinese, Popular culture, Cultural encounters
Syvertsen, Trine Professor +47-22841489 97505843 (mob) Media and communication, Media Policy and Regulation, Television and New Media, Broadcasting history, Media history, Popular culture, Media organisations
Torget, Guro Lecturer Popular culture, Textual analysis, Computer games, Gender and sexuality, Gender and Feminist Studies
Yang, Julianne Q. M. Researcher and Lecturer Scandinavian film, Film studies, Cinema studies, ScanGuilt, Popular culture, Reality TV
Ytreberg, Espen Professor +47-22850421 +47-90641319 (mob) Media and communication, Popular culture, Media history, Media organizations, Convergence, Film TV og radio
Østby, Kim Johansen Senior Lecturer +47-22850464 +4799501298 (mob) Media and communication, Computer games, Popular culture, Media aesthetics, Textual analysis, Gender and sexuality