Nettsider med emneord «Russia»

Publisert 7. okt. 2015 13:39

This project involves linguists from UiO and two partner institutions in Russia whose competence covers a wide array of languages. We meet at conferences in Moscow and Oslo and conduct research on theoretical linguistics.

Stage set with three figures: Two women in white dresses conversing, and a man entering through a doorway.
Publisert 10. jan. 2013 09:07

Ibsen in Translation is a unique translation project where translators work together, exchanging experiences in the course of the translation work. The project aims to translate Henrik Ibsen's 12 contemporary dramas into 8 languages, a total number of 96 translations.

People walking in a demonstration.
Publisert 4. apr. 2014 13:10

The project aims to identify the factors that have enabled the change in the Russian political climate towards increased social mobilization seen in channels such as social media.

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