Persons tagged with «Social media»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Archetti, Cristina Professor +47 22850463 Media and communication, Political communication, Journalism, Strategic communication, Social media, Foreign Correspondence, Diplomacy
Bjermeland, Monica Senior Adviser +47 22842110 98684916 Research communication, Social media
Bjørkeng, Astrid Skiftesvik Senior Adviser +47 45512054 Communication, Research communication, Social Media
Brandtzæg, Petter Bae Professor +47 22850410 92806546 Artifical intelligenc, Chatbots, Social media, Journalism, Facebook, Privacy, Algorithms, Artifical Intelligence, Social media
Brandtzæg, Petter Bae Professor +47 22850410 92806546 Artifical intelligenc, Chatbots, Social media, Journalism, Facebook, Privacy, Algorithms, Artifical Intelligence, Social media
Brynildsen, Åslaug Adviser +47 22845592 +47 98661799 (mob) +47-98661799 Communication, Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Social media, Photo, Video
Bucher, Taina Professor Social media, algorithms, digital infrastructure, AI, screen cultures
Byrknes, Maylinn Hovengen Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Bøe, Sunniva Monclair Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Enli, Gunn Pro-Dean +47 22850435 Media and communication, Political communication, Election Campaigns, Media Policy, Media history, Social media, Disconnection
Fagerjord, Anders Associate Professor +47 22850411 Media and communication, Social media, Media innovation, Mobile media, Design Studies, Digital Humanities, Technologies and Media
Gaarder, Ida Marie Bjørknes Web Editor +47 22 85 86 41 +47 952 12 402 (mob) Communication, Web publishing, Web editor, social media
Hetland, Per Professor Emeritus +47-98888166 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, Social media, Museums and communication, Global South
Iacorossi, Michela Higher Executive Officer +47 45171489 Web publishing, Social media, Annual report, Events, Internal communication
Kristiansen, Tea Senior Executive Officer +47 93868769 (mob) +47 938 68 769 Communication, Social media
Kriszat, Karenina Head of Communication + 47 41441605 Communication, Science Outreach, Press Officer, Strategy, Web editor, Social media
Krüger, Steffen Senior Lecturer +47 22850442 digital culture, media and communication, psychosocial studies, Social media, Media aesthetics, Political communication
Lothe, My Senior Librarian +47 41225978 (mob) +47 97743623 Library, Library Guidance, social media, Loan, Dentistry library, Informatics library
Lynnebakken, Hilde Information officer + 47 22 85 64 26 + 47 48 20 52 20 (mob) Communication, Research communication, Web editor, social media
Lüders, Marika Professor +47 22850415 Media and communication, social media, Media innovation, HCI, user experience
Maasø, Arnt Associate professor +47-22850419 +47-41420825 (mob) Media and communication, Streaming services, Music and media, Social media, TV, media technology, Media innovation, Mobile media
Mangaoang, Áine Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 2285 4758 Music and Media, Musicology, Media, Popular Music, Cultural history, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Music History, Nordic, Social media
Melteig, Elina Adviser +47 22844304 90561361 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN, Communication
Myre, Steinar Hafto Section Manager +47 22850032 +47 92415962 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communication, Press contact, Social media
Neuhaus, Elisabeth Maria Senior Executive Officer +47 22844237 +47 98635585 (mob) Web publishing, Events, Social media, Internal communication, Annual report, Research support, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Communication
Ni Bhroin, Niamh Researcher +47 45410967 (mob) Children and Media, Media Innovation, Social Media-Innovation, Media and communication, Social media, Minority Languages, Participation, Media Use and Users, Research Methods, Research Ethics, Digital Media Literacy
Omberg, Hilde Adviser +47 22858640 Web, social media
Pich, Olivia Doctoral Research Fellow +3162856691 (mob) Social Psychology, Social media, Cultural and Community Psychology, Political Psychology
Robinson, Jessica Yarin Stipendiat social media, citizenship, transnationalism, digital media, political communication, participation, public sphere, polarization, network analysis, Twitter, American politics
Rud, Nina Maria Senior Adviser +47 22856252 Public relations, Web content, Social media, Digital Humanities, digitalization
Seim, Runhild Adviser +47 22844210 Library, Events, Communication, social media
Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Local IT support, Social media, Web publishing, Web editor, IT services
Skogerbø, Eli Professor +47 22850429 +47 90561275 Media and communication, Social media
Solheim, Øyvind Bugge Postdoctoral Fellow Right-wing extremism, Social media, Terrorism, Attitudes, Electoral systems
Staksrud, Elisabeth Professor +47 22 85 04 12 Media and communication, Media use among children and adolescents, Media organisations, Mobile policy and regulation, Social media, Democracy and freedom of expression in the media, Mobile media, Media Use and Users
Strømnes, Stefan Vincent Higher Executive Officer +4792610112 Social media, Communication, marketing
Søyland, Marte Jørgensdatter Head Librarian +47 22117590 +47 92268586 (mob) Library, Oslo University Hospital, Web editor, EndNote, Social Media, Reference Manager, Ullevål Hospital
Vestre, Emil Johann Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Watzl, Sebastian Associate Professor +47 22841672 Philosophy, attention, ERC, consciousness, action, Democracy, Social media
Windingstad, Rannveig Head Librarian 22 85 47 88 +47 99 49 85 54 (mob) Library, Courses, social media, Events
Young, Anna Higher Executive Officer Research communication, Web publishing, Web editor, Social media, Cristin, Syllabus, Purchasing
Øverby, Kari Senior Adviser +47 22858159 +47 45917839 (mob) +47 459 17 839 Communication, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Social Media