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Publisert 30. apr. 2020 15:08

Dana Swarbrick will lead a web workshop on how to record and stream audio performances with free and open-source software. A highly applicable workshop in these corona restricted days. The seminar is free and open for those who identifies as women and non-binary.

Publisert 5. apr. 2019 16:04
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Publisert 2. feb. 2014 15:22

The project has researched audiences experience of live music and the use of new digital music services in the period 2010-2016. Main findings are summarized here. Academic publications will be updated under the list of publications.

Publisert 23. jan. 2014 16:58

Vi har forsket på publikums live-opplevelser og bruken av nye digitale musikktjenester i perioden 2010-2016. Hovedfunn fra prosjektet er oppsummert her. Vitenskapelige publikasjoner oppdateres også etter prosjektet nå er avsluttet.