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Picture of students at a farm excursion
Publisert 1. juli 2021 13:07

In June 2021, students enrolled in the Honours Certificate Programme visited Nabolagshager at Linderud Gård to learn about sustainable food production in Oslo and Viken area. 

In a greenhouse attached to a brick wall a person is about to water the plants.
Publisert 26. apr. 2022 12:09

What can we learn from geographically marginalized regions such as the Arctic in a transition to more circular building strategies? Tine Hegli talks about the design and execution of a community Greenhouse in Vardø spring 2021, how material scarcity has encouraged resource efficiency, and the Arctic as a green leader.

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Publisert 15. sep. 2020 10:46

Sustainable food is on the agenda of the UN, nations, corporations and an increasing number of consumers. Yet, does sustainability include animal welfare? This week, Live Kleveland, lawyer and co-founder of the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance will ask how modern food production can become more animal friendly.

Publisert 11. sep. 2020 20:50

How come Western countries consume more meat than ever despite of its negative impacts? Agronomist, ethnologist and cultural historian, Dr Karen Lykke Syse, talks about how meat consumption in Norway is being justified by history and culture.

A collage of different newspaper articles on fish.
Publisert 12. aug. 2021 11:10

In this talk, reporters Simen Sætre and Kjetil Østli discuss the profitability and severe ecological impacts of salmon fishing in history, and the dangers of speaking out against the industry.

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Publisert 5. feb. 2020 16:24

How to get beyond a neoclassical theory of economic growth? Economist Marie Storli, leader of Rethinking Economics Norway will speak about ways of rethinking and democratizing standard economic theories on which climate-economy models are based.

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Publisert 2. feb. 2020 20:43

In accordance with UiO's measures to prevent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) this event has been cancelled.

How come western countries consume more meat than ever despite of its negative impacts? Agronomist, ethnologist and cultural historian, Karen Lykke Syse, talks about how meat consumption in Norway is being justified by history and culture.

Studentparlamentet, Villa Eika, building, exterior, pride flag
Publisert 20. des. 2019 19:16

How can the University of Oslo become a greener university? Christen Andreas Wroldsen, president of UiO's Student Parliament, will talk about the need to build a more sustainable UiO.

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Publisert 15. sep. 2020 10:24

This talk considers the intensive research and emergent policy regimes that have cohered in the last 15 years around bioacoustics, e.g. the scientific study of animal sounds. What is the significance of sound in the animal kingdom, and how can it help us track biodiversity? Max Ritts, postdoctoral researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) gives us his perspectives.

Black and white photo of a crowd at a political action protest.
Publisert 3. mai 2022 08:32

We invite to a conversation on the role of education in creating alternative environmental futures. Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen) will hold a public lecture at Kulturhuset on "Reason and Response-ability", followed by a panel discussion with Mette Halskov Hansen (UiO), Britt Kramvig (UiT), Felix Riede (Aarhus University) and Heather Swanson (Aarhus University). Moderated by Gro Birgit Birgit Ween (Museum of Cultural History, UiO).

A tall sunflower fills the frame, in the background there are skyscrapers.
Publisert 2. mai 2022 12:31
From 7 to 10 June, the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities cordially invites you to an "Environmental Humanities Week". With a series of events, we will celebrate the exciting work happening in the field, here at UiO, and beyond.
Publisert 16. jan. 2018 14:28
Publisert 7. des. 2020 15:34
A tall man holding av small kid walkning in the sunrise towards som wind mills.
Publisert 5. feb. 2020 11:28

What role does energy play in fighting climate change and achieving more sustainable societies? Vebjørn Bakken, theoretical chemist and director of UiO:Energy, presents the work of UiO:Energy, its interdisciplinary approach, and why there is a need for such an initiative.

Close-up of a lamb investigating the camera lense
Publisert 20. aug. 2021 15:44

Professor Ingun Grimstad Klepp and journalist Tone Skårdal Tobiasson invites the audience into the world of textiles, where currently an important environmental battle about how "sustainability" should be defined and understood. They showcase the role of the small and the local in the inevitable transformation ahead, and how green-washing is flooding marketing and policy strategies.

A brick schoolbuilding with a clear blue sky in the background
Publisert 26. apr. 2022 12:09

In this talk, Green Schools Education Consultant Wayles Wilson discusses the sustainability and operational priorities for schools in the United States to provide clean air, water, and food, and why it is challenging in the current context. She considers sustainability in urban schools in the US a critical opportunity for environmental equity across the country.

Publisert 23. sep. 2010 12:00
Liv Nilsson Stutz, Umm Qais, Jordan
Publisert 11. mars 2019 11:33

PhD Course, the Norwegian Institute at Athens, October 21-25, 2019.

Dialogues with the Past. The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology

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Publisert 15. jan. 2020 11:02

How to address the double bind between growth and sustainability? In this talk, anthropologist Dr. Thomas Hylland Eriksen engages with the climate crisis in Queensland, Australia. He asks how different knowledge regimes identify and interpret facts differently, and how this creates conflicting depictions of the world and solutions to humanity's problems.