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Publisert 4. apr. 2015 12:38

I've been quite busy lately with a lot of work, so not a lot of time to write on the blog. But the last week all the students in Taiwan has been on holiday - though not because of Easter, but because of the Qingming Festival (Tomb-sweeping festival), so I will no try to make up for some of the lost time by introducing some of the highlights of Taiwan thus far.

Publisert 28. feb. 2015 08:53

This semester, I am exchanging to the National Taiwan University in Taipei. I am already a master student, so the classes I will be taking while I'm here will be related to my Master's Degree on Chinese culture and history. In addition to those classes, I plan to be taking a Chinese language course.

Publisert 28. feb. 2015 08:51

Today in Taiwan is the 228 Peace Memorial Day, a national holiday. The day commemorates the 228 (February 28) Massacre in 1947. The massacre took place shortly after the Japanese handed over Taiwan to the Chinese government after World War II, and was in short a crackdown on the local self-determination movement by the Chinese authorities. Mayeb up to 30.000 died as a result of the chaos that followed.