Nettsider med emneord «Viking Age»

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The conference program and abstracts are now available.

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Between runes and manuscripts there were the Roman-alphabet inscriptions. This is the first comprehensive study of these inscriptions and the role they played in the Norwegian Viking and Middle Ages.

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For vikingene kunne døren være en portal til en annen verden, viser Marianne Hem Eriksen i sin studie av hus og hushold i vikingenes samfunn.

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Open Guest Lecture by Dr Lesley Abrams

The dynamics of connections between the Scandinavian homelands and Scandinavians overseas in the North Atlantic, Britain, Francia, and the East in the Viking Age have been the subject of new thinking in recent years. In the past, much of the attention given to interactions in this period was devoted to outward movement, such as viking expeditions westward and trade with the East. More recently archaeologists and historians have recognised the inadequacies of this one-way thinking and have begun to examine evidence for the flip-side of the process. Some objects which represent it – ‘loot’ from Britain in Norwegian graves and Islamic silver in hoards – have long been known and well studied. In my talk I will focus instead on how the flows back to the homelands were processed inside Scandinavia and how external influences from many different directions were received and metabolised. One conventional narrative about Scandinavian development has been that external forces acted on the region only late in the period, primarily through its conversion to Christianity, a process which transformed it into a European society. I would like to investigate this narrative of ‘Europeanisation’ in the light of other ways of thinking about change.

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