Nettsider med emneord «Viking Age History»

Publisert 7. apr. 2011 16:17
Publisert 19. juli 2012 20:24
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Publisert 15. sep. 2020 15:15

AD 536 and 540 are important years in European history, and marks the advent of a series of documented environmental changes that affected societies throughout Europe in various ways. Sudden and severe climate deterioration led to vast crop failure and was followed by plague in the following decades and centuries (up to ca. AD 750?). How did this affect Scandinavian societies? Frode Iversen, professor at the Department of Archaeology at Museum of Cultural History, UiO, is here to tell us!

Publisert 3. sep. 2015 14:10

For vikingene kunne døren være en portal til en annen verden, viser Marianne Hem Eriksen i sin studie av hus og hushold i vikingenes samfunn.