Nettsider med emneord «norway»

Publisert 14. jan. 2019 12:33

WoNoMute is presenting Tone Åse and her seminar: "Voice, Electronics and Improvisation: Artistic Material and Musical Roles".

Alexandra Murray-Leslie
Publisert 17. nov. 2018 13:30

This month's WoNoMute seminar features Alexandra Murray-Leslie: The Liberation of the Feet: Costuming the Foot for Theatrical Audiovisual Expression As a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’

Publisert 28. jan. 2019 12:54

WoNoMute is presenting Tami Gadir and her seminar: "The Music Technological Body".

People workning in a big room. A nice clothed woman is visiting. Painting.
Publisert 2. sep. 2021 15:13

Despite strict limitations enforced by the absolute monarchy, the public and culture of print in 18th century Denmark–Norway were diverse and vibrant. 

Angela Brennecke
Publisert 20. feb. 2019 13:10

WoNoMute is presenting Angela Brennecke with her seminar: "What’s (in) your Story?
 Creative Audio & Interactive Media Technologies for Film & Storytelling ".

Pamela Z. Photo: Donald Swearingen.
Publisert 22. mars 2019 21:03

WoNoMute is presenting Pamela Z with her seminar: "Works and Processes".

Sofia Dahl
Publisert 25. apr. 2019 14:31

WoNoMute is presenting Sofia Dahl with her seminar: "Looking at Musical Movements".

Publisert 14. des. 2010 14:34
Publisert 21. nov. 2018 20:28

WoNoMute is presenting Miranda Moen and her seminar: "Diversity, Ableism and Technology in Music".