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Picture of Solveig Aasen Aasen, Solveig
Picture of Nicholas Elwyn Allott Allott, Nicholas Elwyn Senior Lecturer +47-22841674 pragmatics, philosophy of language, linguistics, philosophy of linguistics and mind
Picture of Jan Almäng Almäng, Jan
Picture of Hannah Altehenger Altehenger, Hannah
Picture of Kim Angell Angell, Kim +47-22855173 Nationalism, Secession, Voting Rights, John Locke, Libertarianism, Political theory, Global Justice, Migration, Territorial rights, Democratic Theory
Aussant, Émilie
Picture of Frank Olav Barel Barel, Frank Olav Philosophy of mind, epistemology
Picture of Cristina Bicchieri Bicchieri, Cristina Professor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
Picture of Einar Duenger Bohn Bohn, Einar Duenger Associate professor, coordinator in philosophy, University of Agder +4738141942
Picture of Richard Breheny Breheny, Richard Lecturer in linguistics at the University College London.
Picture of Katharine Naomi Browne Browne, Katharine Naomi
Picture of Douglas Cairns Cairns, Douglas Professor of Classics, University of Edinburgh
Picture of Ben Caplan Caplan, Ben Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ohio State University
Picture of Alexander Cappelen Cappelen, Alexander Professor in the Department of Economics at the Norwegain School of Economics (NHH)
Picture of Herman Wright Cappelen Cappelen, Herman Wright Professor of Philosophy +47-22844833
Picture of Maria Carrasco Carrasco, Maria
Picture of Robyn Carston Carston, Robyn Professor of Linguistics, University College London
Chan, Timothy Researcher
Dever, Joshua Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Picture of Jan Terje Faarlund Faarlund, Jan Terje Professor (+47) 22 85 69 49 (+47) 47 82 80 01
Picture of Ingrid Lossius Falkum Falkum, Ingrid Lossius Researcher +47-22844838
Picture of Julian Fink Fink, Julian Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Bayreuth.
Picture of Christel Fricke Fricke, Christel Professor +47-22844140
Picture of Mirela Fus Fus, Mirela Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844839 Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of language, Philosophy
Picture of Andreas Føllesdal Føllesdal, Andreas Professor +47-99235002