Carl Tollef Solberg

Carl Tollef Solberg is a visiting PhD fellow from the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Bergen. Prior to his candidateship, Solberg has been a research assistant at the Medical Students Research Programme in Bergen (2012-2014). He received his MD (2014) and his MA in Philosophy (2013) from the University of Bergen.


Solberg carries out research on health priorities through the perspective of the badness of death. There has been little cross-fertilization between these two academic fields. By using his background as a medical doctor and philosopher, his overall aim is to develop a new approach to health priorities. In his project, Solberg plans to investigate three specific research questions: Why is death bad? When is the worst time to die? How can discounting be justified on the basis of badness of death? Together with Espen Gamlund, Solberg will co-organize a workshop at CSMN in June 2015 on these topics.


Tags: Psychiatry, Bioethics, Health Priorities, Medical Ethics, Global Health, Badness of Death


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