Timothy Chan


T Chan (ed., 2013), The Aim of Belief published by Oxford University Press .

Jonathan Adler, Krister Bykvist, Timothy Chan, Pascal Engel, Kathrin Glüer, Anandi Hattiangadi, Michael Hicks, Paul Horwich, David Papineau, Andrew Reisner, Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen, Ralph Wedgwood, Åsa Wikforss, Daniel Whiting


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I am researcher at CSMN for the RCN-funded research project The Reflective Mind, which studies the relationship between reasoning and meta-representation. Prior to this project I was post-doctoral research fellow at CSMN of the Rational Agency project (2008-12). I did my doctoral studies at University of Oxford, and have taught in several universities in Hong Kong and the UK, including as lecturer at University of East Anglia (2007-8). 



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  • Chan, Timothy (ed.) (2013). The Aim of Belief. Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780199672134.  256 s. Show summary

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  • Chan, Timothy (2014). A Disjunctivist Account of Belief.
  • Chan, Timothy (2014). Time or Effort: What empirical studies tell us about the nature of metacognition.
  • Chan, Timothy (2013). The Structure of Constitutive Norms.
  • Chan, Timothy (2012). Spheres of Reason. Mind.  ISSN 0026-4423.  121(484), s 1122- 1128 . doi: 10.1093/mind/fzt003
  • Chan, Timothy (2011). Commentary on Pascal Engel, ‘Truth as One and Many’.
  • Chan, Timothy (2010). A Disjunctivist Account of Belief.
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  • Chan, Timothy (2008). Berkeley’s Master Argument in Two Dimensions.
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  • Chan, Timothy (2008). The Problem of the Essential Indexical for Event Causal Theory of Action.
  • Chan, Timothy (2008). Transparency, Agency and Responsiveness to Reason.
  • Chan, Timothy & Kahane, Guy (2008). The Trouble with Being Sincere.

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