Maria Carrasco

Academic Interests

Maria A. Carrasco is Professor of Philosophy at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Santiago, Chile. She is the author of several articles on Adam Smith, both in English and Spanish. Her papers on this topic include

  • Adam Smith and a Modern Reconstruction of Practical Reason, Review of Metaphysics (2004).
  • Adam Smith: Liberalismo y Razón Práctica, revista Pensamiento, España (2006)
  • Adam Smith on Morality, Justice, and the Political Constitution of Liberty, Journal of Scottish Philosophy (2008)
  • Hutcheson y Smith: Hacia un Sentimentalismo ‘Sofisticado’, Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Chile (2009)
  • Adam Smith y el Relativismo, Anuario Filosófico, España (2009)
  • Adam Smith’s ‘Sympathetic Impartiality’ and Universality, Revista de Instituciones, Ideas y Mercados (RIIM), Argentina (2010)
  • Adam Smith: Self-command, Practical Reason and Deontological Insights, British Journal for the History of Philosophy (forthcoming)
  • Hutcheson, Smith and Utilitarianism, Review of Metaphysics

She is also co-editor of the monographic issue on Adam Smith of the Spanish journal “Empresa y Humanismo” (2009); and author of the book "Consecuencialismo. Por qué no" (Eunsa, España, 1999).

She has also published books and papers on consequentialism, liberalism (with a focus on Charles Taylor) and bioethics.

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