New CSMN affiliate: Mirela Fus

Mirela Fus is a member of ConceptLab at IFIKK, and her research project fits within a broader issue of how conceptual engineering can affect the reality of social objects (e.g. university, race, gender). She investigates relations between the ontology of social objects and social concepts that we use to refer to these social objects. In her research project she focuses on social concepts such as pejorative, racial and gender social concepts. She ties social concepts to a theoretical framework of conceptual engineering, and address the issues of how is it that some social concepts can be defective and what are the available strategies to better these social concepts.


She received a double BA and a double MA degrees in Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature from the University of Rijeka (Croatia). She completed her second MA in Philosophy at the Central European University (Budapest). She has spent considerable time conducting research as a visiting fellow at several universities; including the University of St. Andrews, Charles University in Prague, University of Graz, University of Vienna. In addition to her studies, she worked numerous years as an editorial assistant for the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy.

Published Oct. 14, 2016 9:25 AM