Lions and hunting

Roman influences and depictions in the Hellenistic and Imperial Era. Presentation by Dr. Miika Remahl. Part of the series Circolo Gianicolense.

Illustrasjon av en løve.
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Miika Remahl is the Wihuri fellow 2020 – 2021 at the Finnish Institute in Rome. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis with the preliminary title ”The Image of Lion in Hunting Settings in Literary and Visual Sources in Hellenistic and Roman Imperial Times”.

His research focuses on the different meanings attributed to lions from a humanistic point of view. Remahl deals with the relationship between lions and hunting in Roman literature of the Republican and Imperial periods and in Roman-Campanian mosaics and mural paintings. The lion has been one of the most commonly used animals in metaphors and often represented as a part of hunting themes.

The research tries to shed light on the following questions:

  • How did Romans represent lions and people as hunters?
  • What kind of meanings did those representations have and what can they tell us about their authors from a cultural and social viewpoint?
  • The theoretical basis of the research comes especially from humanistic animal studies and the diverse social meanings of hunting.

During his year as a Wihuri fellow, Remahl will focus on the study of Pompeian mosaics and mural paintings representing lions that will be a part of his visual source material. These materials have so far been relatively little used and not well catalogued.

The Wihuri Fellowship has been awarded in co-operation with the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation since 1965.

Miika Remahl is a PhD student with a specialization in ancient animal studies at the University of Helsinki. He holds a Master’s degree in General History from the University of Eastern Finland. He has also studied at Northumbria and Harvard universities. His minors include Latin, ancient Greek, archaeology, art history, sociology and social policy.

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