Might is Not Right

Critiques of Imperial Rule and Historiographical Representations of the World

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Nuremberg chronicles - Roma Opphavspersoner: Michael Wolgemut og Wilhelm Pleydenwurff. Tittel på verket: Tresnitt av Roma (Schedelsche Weltchronik) Wikimedia CommonsLisens 

In popular wisdom, history is written by the winners, and it is certainly true that the writing of history can reflect relationships of power. In antiquity, we see the first attempts to write histories of the whole world. These ancient universal histories saw world history through the lens of imperial history; empire and conquest created a visible process of interconnection that allowed historians to write about the whole world rather than single sites of regional conflicts.

In the recent past, these universal histories have been seen as irrevocably imperialistic; by identifying imperial power with historical interconnection, universal historians would have endorsed it.

Daniele Miano (IAKH/UiO) is organising this conference in collaboration with Prof. John Thornton (Sapienza University of Rome), with support from CAS and The Norwegian Institute in Rome. Conference programme. 

The conference will take place in Rome. Kindly contact Oliver Reiersen if you want more information or wish to attend the proceedings remotely.

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