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The Norwegian Institute in Rome encompasses a research library open to the public.

Library and reading room. Photo.

The library contains a specialised collection of academic books and journals (about 22400 entries), historical images and archived documents (for example more than 6000 photographs), and is a principal hub in the research activities, studies and knowledge exchange that takes place at the institute.

The specialisation of the collection and the connections between the library’s printed material, image collections, and the document archives makes the library a unique resource for exploring the Art History of Rome in the High Middle Ages, in Italy and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Basin. The library also contains substantial collection concerned with Late Antiquity, Roman Archaeology and Italian Art history

The Library’s collections are searchable through the URBS catalogue, managed in collaboration with other foreign academies in Rome.

The Institute’s library collection is also integrated in the URBIS catalogue, which allows simultaneous searches in the resources of 23 foreign and Italian libraries in Rome.





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