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Library and photographic archive

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The research library and the photographic archive are open to the public. They are unique resources for research and specialists and fill a vital role at the Institute and in the day-to-day scholarship, research, and dissemination of knowledge of Cultural Heritage, Art History and Archaeology of the Mediterranean countries. 

Library collections

The library contains around 25 000 academic books and journals and is a principal hub in the research activities, studies, and knowledge exchange that takes place at the institute. Together with the photographic archive collection, it makes a unique resource to explore the art history of late antiquity, classical archaeology, and Byzantine art in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin. 

The photo archive

The library manages a photographic archive that consists of more than 6000 entries (prints, slides, glass plate negatives, glass plate slides, albums, and other materials associated with early photography). The core of the collection consists of pictures taken during the researches conducted by Hans Peter L’Orange, Hjalmar Torp, and Ejnar Dyggve. A consistent series of documentation comes from the investigations at the Tempietto langobardo di Cividale, from the on field projects held in Thessaloniki initiated by Ejnar Dyggve in 1939 and carried on in collaboration with Hjalmar Torp in 1953, and from the survey of High Medieval Mediterranean sculpture initiated by H.P. L’Orange in 1937, and interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00–16:00.
August closed.
All users are invited to make an appointment with the librarian before arrival.

Using the collections

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Telephone: +39 06 58391005

Librarian: Manuela Michelloni