Building Heritage Communities: Empowering the Local

SAVE THE DATE: October 17th - October 21st

The Building Heritage Communities workshop is a cooperative effort presented by The American University of Rome and the University of Oslo looking at community involvement in cultural heritage.

Building Heritage Communities and other words it says on this banner.

This workshop will tackle two issues that are fundamental to effective community involvement in cultural heritage:

  1. Access to funding. Decisions on resource allocation are often taken at a national or international level with little input from the communities who will be most affected. An important aspect of the workshop will be to address community engagement in the context of changing funding opportunities, namely the expansion of private-public partnerships, and the increasing emphasis on high impact philanthropy. The requirement to demonstrate measurable outcomes of donations could be an opportunity for local communities if approached strategically, or alternatively, may leave them worse off than before if not well managed.
  2. Local management and responding to natural and man-made crises. Explicitly or implicitly, it is often assumed that local communities are not equipped to protect or manage their own heritage. This workshop starts from the premise that local communities are the natural stewards of their own heritage and that it is often the structural organization of heritage that prevents them performing this role.

This workshop is organized by Professor Valerie Higgins (The American University of Rome), Professor Per Ditlef Fredriksen (The Department of Archaeology,Conservation and History at the University of Oslo) and Christopher Prescott (The Norwegian Institute in Rome/The University of Oslo).





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