The Art of Truth. Providing evidence in Early Modern Bologna

Where does the truth lie? This workshop uses Bologna and its art to discuss theories and attitudes concerning truth and truth-telling in the early modern period.

Annibale Carracci: An allegory of Truth and Time (1584-85)

In a period where critical and alternative versions of truth proliferate and compete, this proves to be an essential question. This one-day workshop uses Bologna and its art as a starting point to reflect on theories and attitudes concerning truth and truth-telling. Far from imposing a simplistic (and ultimately anachronistic) image of Bologna as “the City of Truth,” we intend to approach the strategies adopted to ponder, support, and deny notions of fact and norm, in both textual and visual representations, from various angles. What will emerge is a notion of truth as a process: a regulative principle that underscores the demonstrative nature of the visual discourses in the early modern time. Programme. 

Those interested in the theme of the workshop or more info, can contact Mattia Biffis by email.


Emneord: Kunsthistorie, Renessanse
Publisert 9. okt. 2019 14:28 - Sist endret 9. okt. 2019 14:28