The L'Orange Lecture 2019

Professor Kristian Kristiansen presents the new, emerging picture of European prehistory in this year's L'Orange lecture:  Towards a New European Prehistory: genes, archaeology and language. 

Bildet kan inneholde: begivenhet, offentlig tale, tale, akademisk konferanse, lesing.

Professor Kristian Kristiansen receiving the British Academy's Grahame Clark Medal.

Towards a New European Prehistory: genes, archaeology and language. 

Ancient DNA has revolutionized our understanding of later European prehistory, from the first farmers to the Bronze Age. At the Norwegian Institute November 11, 2019, Kristiansen will present the new, emerging picture of Europe’s early history.


Professor Kristian Kristiansen:

Kristian Kristansen is professor of archaeology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is one of the World’s foremost archaeologists, having written extensively about the European Bronze Age, the Neolithic, archaeological theory, the history of archaeology and cultural heritage, and played a central role in the ongoing Third Science Revolution in archaeology.

Kristiansen has led numerous international and interdisciplinary projects, served as director of the Danish Archeological Heritage Administration, was a driving force the creation of the European Association of Archaeologists and was founding editor of the European Journal of Archaeology.

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