Persons tagged with «Classics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Kraggerud, Egil +47-22442744 Classics
Picture of Boris (Rodin) Maslov (Rodin) Maslov, Boris Associate Professor Classics, Literature, Poetry, Greek, Latin
Picture of Tor Ivar Østmoe Østmoe, Tor Ivar Senior lecturer 22 85 55 24 Latin, Classics, Rhetoric
Picture of Mathilde Skoie Skoie, Mathilde Pro-Dean +47 22855331 +47 92848073 +47 92848073 Classics, Latin, Greek
Lassen, Bente Classics
Picture of Eirik Welo Welo, Eirik Senior Lecturer +47 22856765 Classics
Picture of Agnes Mihálykó Tothne Tothne, Agnes Mihálykó Postdoctoral Fellow Papyrology, Liturgy, Classics, Christianity
Picture of Matthew Kinloch Kinloch, Matthew Researcher Classics, History of ideas, Historiography, Medieval Studies, Byzantine History, Philosophy of History, Narratology
Picture of Christopher Siwicki Siwicki, Christopher Postdoctoral Fellow Ancient History, Rome, Architecture, Architectural History, Urbanism, Classics, Archaeology
Picture of Paola D’Andrea D’Andrea, Paola Postdoctoral Fellow Classics, Classical tradition, Reception Studies, History of ideas, Comparative literature
Picture of Victoria Marie Mostue Mostue, Victoria Marie Doctoral Research Fellow Classics, Latin, Reception Studies, History of scholarship
Picture of Bjørg Tosterud Tosterud, Bjørg Classics
Picture of Øivind Andersen Andersen, Øivind Classics
Picture of Vibeke Roggen Roggen, Vibeke Associate professor (emerita) Classics, Latin
Picture of Silvio Bär Bär, Silvio Professor - Classics +47-22855338 silvio.baer((at)) Classics, Greek, Epic, Mythology, Intertextuality, Narratology, Rhetoric, Reception
Picture of Han Lamers Lamers, Han Professor +47 22857178 +47-22857178 Classics, Latin, Greek, Classical tradition, Classical reception, History of scholarship, History of ideas, Cultural history