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Published May 18, 2022 12:51 PM

Curtis divides his time being Research Data Coordinator at University of Cambridge and a Researcher in multilingualism and neurodiversity, particularly, the interaction of multilingualism and levels of attention in children. Curtis holds a PhD in Psycholinguistics and an MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (University of Cambridge). He is currently a researcher with the “Better attention, better communication? How ADHD multilingualism influence children’s pragmatic development”, funded by the Research Council of Norway.

The talk will be given in English.

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PhD fellow Yeșim Sevinç at MultiLing will give a lecture at the Forum for clinical linguistics and language acquisition on the 12th of November. The title of her talk is: "Language anxiety across generations, across disciplines: Implications for the relation between bilingual speech, anxiety and physiology".

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Imageability is defined as the ease with one can form a mental image or a mental conception of what a word refers to.